DVD: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)

DVD: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)

Holy Crap! The one set of DVD’s I have been waiting FOREVER for have finally arived on th 21st! I am very excited to see them so close and will prob have a few entries about it. My bud Chris is so awesome every morning, giving me the latest news and great news, so I asked him to be a guset Blogger on my journal!

Keyarts Chris – George Lucas, up to his tricks

With the advent of the release of the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD ol’ George Lucas is up to his tricks yet again.

Now we’ve all been hearing how the movies have been altered again (since the special edition release in ’97). Some purists didn’t like their precious original being tampered with 7 years ago and let George know about it. I guess I’m not a “purist” since I didn’t mind the changes and thought some of them actually helped the story. One scene change in particular had fans up in arms. The original cantina scene from “Episode IV – A New Hope” in 1977 showed Han Solo (Harrison Ford) sitting at a table with Greedo-a novice bounty hunter. The two get into a discussion involving money owed and eventually Han Solo becomes bored with the dialog (as well as fearing for is own safety) and using his blaster under the table, shoots Greedo dead.

In the 1997 special edition, Lucas changes this scene so that Greedo actually fires first and misses (pretty bad shot at 2 feet away) and then is shot dead by Solo. In this PC world I guess Lucas felt it was the right thing to do but this did not sit well with the fans-kind of like how Jar Jar Binks was not well received in Episode I – The Phantom Menace. So now with the release of the original trilogy DVDs, this scene has been altered again to have both Solo and Greedo fire at the same time. This is a poor attempt to appease the fans and still remain PC and not make it look like Solo made the first move. Come on George! We know Greedo’s a bad guy. Why can’t Solo just dispatch him first and get on with the movie as it was before? Well I guess there is a “purist” in me after all.

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