DeadHero’s Self Portrait Entry???

My main man Shawn AKA the DeadHero has officially entered the race. The only problem is, I have no clue what his number is? I think as Gleny puts it below I have to put an X on it! 🙁 Sorry pal, unless you can count em up and we will verify it! The rule (and I mean rule (the single one hehe) clearly states you gotta see the person’s 2 eyes clearly to count 🙂 Although I do encourage more future attempts and welcome anyone who wants to participate! Thanks pal!

Shawn : Okay boys. – Have fun counting. I’m sending the original, big one, because…well there are a LOT of eyes in this picture. I got up to forty before I gave up. I’ll let the two judges come up with a number. =) – Oh, and let me know what the final count is.

Gleny : Deadhero submitted a self portrait picture for Rob’s contest, but none of the other people’s eyes were at all in focus. so X on that.

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  1. DUDES! You can’t cleary see half the people in Gleny’s Astroland picture! And in the full sized version of the pic, I counted 43 pairs of eyes.

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