David Lee Roth: Lowdown Reports High Anxiety

David Lee Roth: Lowdown Reports High Anxiety: “David Lee Roth: Lowdown Reports High Anxiety – Jan. 25, 2006 By Chuck Taylor

It may be free, but it sounds anything but easy.

The New York Daily News is reporting in Lloyd Grove?s ?Lowdown? column that David Lee Roth is behaving like a first-class diva at his home base, CBS Radio talk WFNY (Free FM) New York.

The rocker, who has already weathered a storm of bad reviews as the eastern region morning show successor to Howard Stern, ?is impossible to work with, a real arrogant, self-righteous ass,? said an anonymous Free FM staffer.

The source told Grove that Roth fails to prep for his show and ?is out the door 5 minutes after the show, unless he is forced to record a commercial or re-record ones he made errors on. All the execs know they made the two biggest errors in radio history: letting Stern go to Sirius and hiring this moron Roth.?

The report goes on to say that Roth insisted that WFNY GM Tom Chiusano extensively remodel Stern?s former studio, but now he refuses to use it, claiming that it is infested with asbestos. ‘He swears he is allergic to dust and smoke, but smells like an ashtray,’ the source said.

The staffer claims that Roth and his manager Matt Sencio ?are totally out of control and out of their league when it comes to producing a radio show.?

In addition, said the source, Roth ‘hates Tom and is vocal about that to almost everyone he talks at. It’s almost like he wants to get fired, and take the money and run.’

CBS Radio had no comment on the report.

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