2005 All-Star Game, The Day After

Well another All Star Game has gone and went. Again I curse the damn National League and their lack of winning the past 9 years! Yeah there was some excitement, but it came way too late! Unfortunately, as soon as you forget about the loss, you are reminded with the slap in the face come World Series that your favorite League doesn’t have that all important home field advantage! What I did get out of it was the enjoyment of learning about Detroit. Yes, I will probably never go there for the rest of my life, but it is always fun seeing and discovering a new ballpark, especially a fairly brand new one like Comerica Park, home of the Tigers. Seeing the cool Tigers, waterfalls and carousels were pretty cool, even if it was on TV 🙂 I knew Miguel Tejada was going to be the MVP with his home run right off the bat! He seemed to be a really sincere guy and a great player. All in all it was great experiencing another All Star Game, even in the comfort of our home!

Detroit Tigers : The Official Site

Major League Baseball : Events : 2005 All-Star Game

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